fredag 8. juli 2011

Make your own capsules/pods for the nespresso machine

Ever thought about using your own coffee in a Nespresso coffee maker. Well you can, by recycling your old capsules. It's cheaper any you can use your favorite type of coffee. All you need is, a coffee filter, some tin foil and some espresso coffee.
Start by removing the used coffee from an old capsule.

Take a normal coffee filter and cut a small circle that fits on top of the capsule as shown in the image.

Cut a piece of tin foil and wrap it over the top of the capsule.

Make small holes in the tin foil. The machine will not do this automatically like on normal pods. Voila you now have your own capsule for the Nespresso machine. Enjoy your coffee.

Update: I had some problems with water coming out in the start of the brev. The solution to this was to put the capsule in your mouth and blow. So that the coffee gets pressed up to the lid of the capsule. Please comment if someone fines a better solution to this problem..